Leading and Learning: What’s Happening?

Women in Leadership: Our Stories June 14th The Archer Hotel “Growing Community – we are better together” & “Equipping governance and leadership for the emerging future” were the goals that underpinned our 2nd forum, held in North Adelaide last week. A fully booked event created space to connect, network and share our stories as women in/or

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Setting Jesus Free

A few weeks ago I joined the ranks of those who have been ‘knocked out’ with Covid. While there is not much I remember about those first few days, as I felt so horrible, what I do remember is that Jesus was pretty active! I discovered grocery deliveries at my front door, bags of throat

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Contemporary Learning Tours 2022

Please visit the Contemporary Learning Tour website for information about our Contemporary Learning Tours. This website holds all the essential information about why we run tours and how they work, as well as specific itinerary information and a participant register function. We have the following upcoming tours: Sydney: August 1 – 3 (last days to

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Christian Studies Update

What’s Happened? Equip 1 – Day 1 on 26 MayA new group of Christian Studies teachers from Encounter Lutheran College, Salisbury Kindergarten, and Golden Grove Lutheran have started their Equip journey online. A wonderful group of teachers enthusiastically engaged and explored the CSCF and discovered what it means for them and their students. Christian Studies

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Engaging in Networks of Collaboration Within and Beyond LESNW for the Emerging Future

Sharing Our Story Compassionate Systems Asia Pacific Community CallLESNW Strategic Intentions includes the following: Goal 2 Growing Community: Actively create, seek and promote multiple opportunities for individuals and learning communities to engage with, learn from and assist others within, across and beyond our community of communities Goal 5 Equipping Leadership for the emerging future: Develop

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A Prayer for Pentecost

Creator God,like a bird you hovered over the chaos of the world’s first day,drawing life from crashing wavesand making a world of possibility.You hovered still over parting waters,liberating an enslaved people,guiding them forward with cloud and fire,nurturing your followers and sharing your love. Like a still, small voiceyou made your presence felt toprophets and healers,to

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