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It was great to see that a number of Lutheran learning communities attended the AISSA Governance Conference on the 17th March. The conference provided some valuable and challenging information on a number of key topics that boards face in the current environment. Some of the key take-outs for me were as follows: How do we

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A Fickle Crowd

This coming Sunday is traditionally referred to as Palm Sunday – the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as a symbol of a king coming in peace. What I find interesting about this is the voice of the crowd. As Jesus rides into town the crowd shouted,Praise God for the Son of

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‘Hot Cross’ about Hot Cross Buns

The sale of hot cross buns in supermarkets seems to occur earlier each year, and in 2022, the first buns appeared on the 26th of December, hardly a breath away from the Christmas festivities. The reaction and views to this ‘new tradition’ is quite diverse, from “Ridiculous!”, to “The cross has certain significance which is

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The Last Daughter

The Last Daughter is Brenda Matthews’ true story of love, loss, and reconnection. After being raised by a white family, a young girl is taken away and returned to the Aboriginal family she didn’t know. Decades later, she’s on a journey to discover where she truly belongs.  This documentary meets the cross-curriculum priority to teach

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