Our Team


Executive Director
Craig has been employed in Lutheran learning communities in South Australia for over 30 years

and has experience in both secondary and R-12 environments. Over the past 13 years, Craig has held senior executive positions and has an intimate understanding of the needs and pressures that learning communities face on a day-to-day basis, providing him with insight and an ability to empathize and walk alongside the region’s leaders.


Governance Leadership Director
Jane provides leadership to governors of Lutheran learning communities. From broad professional

learning to targeted assistance, Jane supports school boards with co-construction and problem-solving in order to champion good governance and deliver improved system outcomes. She is a strong advocate for upholding the delineation between governance and operations.

Jane’s skills and interests in spiritual leadership, culture, strategy, policy, finance, risk, compliance, change management, stakeholder relationships, marketing and principal wellbeing have developed through a combination of tertiary study, informal learning and professional experiences. Jane has served as a senior leader in Lutheran learning communities for over 20 years, and was the principal of Living Faith Lutheran Primary School in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region before joining the team at LESNW.


Business Director
Brad has significant business and financial experience in the corporate and not for profit sectors.

He is able to provide financial and strategic leadership to LESNW member communities and support Governance and Leadership to deliver sustainable business initiatives.

Brad is a lateral and strategic thinker who enjoys problem-solving and analysing data for business improvement.


Project & Operations Director
Steve specialises in strategy and project management and has extensive experience in all elements of a project from

inception through contract negotiation to design review and implementation, including procurement and contract management. He has an interest in master planning, contemporary learning environments and outdoor learning spaces.

Steve has been involved in setting and delivering strategic intentions and delivering on major projects for over 30 years. He spent 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Supply Officer, working on major logistic and infrastructure projects, a decade as General Manager of a national horticulture maintenance and landscape construction company and the last 15 years in education.

Steve brings many years of experience to LESNW as the Strategy and Project Director and is a valuable resource for learning communities considering any element of the Business Planning Framework.


Educational Leadership Director
Mignon’s current focus in the organization is equipping leadership for the emerging future with Growing Deep (LEA)

providing the framework. The leadership development she leads focuses on systems thinking and systems sensing using awareness-based practices to nurture collective and individual leadership practice, unleashing collective creativity for innovation and improvement in learning communities. Leaders explore their role in cultivating a generative social field which is thriving supportive and compassionate and where all stakeholders share in the co-creation and implementation of a compelling vision for Lutheran education. The focus on leadership is not only to build leadership capacity within learning communities but to develop systems leaders who collaborate to enable each community to achieve its vision.

Mignon has developed a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise as a teacher and executive leader in schools and learning organisations in Australia and Singapore. She was employed by the International Baccalaureate for over 6 years as the Regional Manager for Asia Pacific supporting the significant growth and development of IB schools through-out the region. She also has and continues to, facilitate professional learning globally.

Mignon has a passion for promoting learning for our children’s future and to support LESNW learning communities “to become communities that value learning as God’s gift to people for their wonder, growth, and to inspire them to respond to the needs of the world”. (Growing deep LEA)


Principal Growth Director
David brings more than 30 years of experience in Lutheran Education and has served as principal for 27 years across three unique learning communities.

David has also offered significant contributions to local, district and national committees and working parties.

David’s success as a leader and motivator of people and communities flows primarily from his deep love for God and people.  He has a strong capacity to develop meaningful and purposeful relationships based on high levels of trust. 

In our challenging and changing world, David’s passion is to listen to, support, encourage, inspire and empower principals and directors in an environment where continuous growth and learning is critical for learning communities to remain relevant and sustainable.


Education Leader
Andrew’s passion and speciality is curriculum development, design and support. He believes that education is about preparing and equipping

 future generations to live, work and prosper in an ever evolving world. Teachers and students are encouraged to embrace change as together they pursue academic excellence whilst giving them the tools to be part of a global community. He has a Masters in Educational Leadership and has a keen interest in pedagogical leadership, innovation and change management.

Andrew is currently an Education Leader for Lutheran Education South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. He has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, and as a curriculum and pedagogical leader. In Indonesia he worked in IB schools, as a classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator and school leader. He is an accredited IB Educator (Workshop Leader, Consultant and School Visit Team Leader).

Andrew’s nearly 30 years of broad educational experience, enables him to be a valuable resource and support to teachers and leaders both in Australia and South-East Asia.


Communications & Administration Officer
Rebecca has experience working in combined marketing and administration roles where she has utilised her degree in Marketing and Communications.

In her role with LESNW, Rebecca will be providing a range of communication and administrative services. 

She looks forward to supporting internal initiatives, such as Women in LESNW, and communicating with our learning communities.


Risk & Compliance Officer
Megan is currently on maternity leave.


Risk & Compliance Officer
Vinod has diverse work experience in Organisational Development, Compliance and Quality assurance in higher education environments.

He has worked effectively across teams in the implementation and management of Quality Management Systems, in line with the regulatory standards to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Vinod is supporting the Regional Office and our Learning Communities, driving the utilisation of CompliSpace services including Policy, Assurance and CompliLearn platforms. He will be involved in running training for new staff and building additional resources in the platforms for our Learning Communities to use. Vinod’s technical expertise across the CompliSpace platforms will be available to assist Learning Communities.

With his blended background in understanding the essentials of Education and Quality standards, Vinod has a passion for systems and for people which he is keen to share with our Learning Communities.


Operational Business Strategist
Ben is an experienced operator with business, financial and management skills. He has extensive experience in

the preparation of financial analysis and reporting these results to senior management and Board level. 

Ben is a results-oriented individual with exceptional problem-solving skills, initiative, and drive to get the job done in challenging and demanding environments. He is regarded by his peers as an individual with a high level of integrity and honesty combined with a high level of emotional intelligence. 

Ben is looking forward to assisting Learning Communities maintain and develop sustainable business models. 


Executive Assistant
Larissa worked as an Executive Assistant for 12 years and worked for the Lutheran Church of Australia for 11 years before starting in education.

She is always willing to help everyone find the right person to talk to, assisting wherever she can.


Early Years Facilitator
Lynette’s specialist area is the Early Years. She has extensive experience in leading and managing a quality service. This has included

the Educational Programming  and Practice, as well as Administration, Financial Management and Human Resourcing of the centre.

Lynette is a strong advocate of building strong and secure relationships with children and their families. She also has a keen interest in the development of outdoor learning spaces.

Lynette has been involved in the Early Years sector of LESNW for most of her 35+ years teaching career, with 22 years experience as a Preschool Director.


Administration Assistant
Darren has experience in a variety of fields focusing mainly on administration and customer service.

As the administration assistant between LESNW and LCA, he looks forward to being a point of contact for both communities while assisting the offices with their operations.


Spiritual & Cultural Leader
Stuart specialises in providing theological, pastoral and personal support to individuals and communities. He has interest and experience

in ministry, pastoral care and wellbeing. Stuart is regularly engaged to run theological development and spiritual retreats for all staff.  He is the regional manager for Connect (staff accreditation) and Valuing Safe Communities.

Stuart has been involved in providing pastoral support and encouragement for nearly 30 years. He spent 10 years as a parish pastor, 10 years as a college pastor, and has been in his current role at the LESNW Regional Office since 2013.

Stuart is a valuable resource for learning communities considering how Lutheran theology informs culture at all levels of their community.


Education Leader
Renee has worked in Lutheran education for 20 years, having held various classroom and leadership roles and completed her Master of Education in 2012.

Renee is experienced with initiating and leading curriculum and pedagogical improvement and has a proven track record in collaborating with school leadership and external agencies. In addition, she was a writer for the revisioning of Lutheran Education Australia’s ‘a vision for learners and learning’ (Free to Flourish). Renee is passionate about empowering educators and is excited about working with Christian Studies teachers and leaders and supporting teachers to fulfil their accreditation requirements.


Finance Consultant
Lindy provides a wide range of financial and administration support to schools and kindergartens and is part of the LESNW finance team.

Lindy has been a CPA for over 30 years and has been working in Lutheran Education for almost 20 years, firstly at Immanuel Primary School and now at LESNW.


HR and EA Consultant
Lucie is a lawyer who has been seconded from Piper Alderman to assist LESNW learning communities with HR

and Enterprise Agreement related queries. 

She specialises in Employment Law and has a keen interest in employment matters relating to schools, including discrimination matters.

Prior to working at Piper Alderman, Lucie worked for international law firm, Ashurst, in Melbourne. Before working as a lawyer, Lucie had a career in banking at the National Australia Bank. 

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