Contemporary Learning Tours 2022

Please visit the Contemporary Learning Tour website for information about our Contemporary Learning Tours. This website holds all the essential information about why we run tours and how they work, as well as specific itinerary information and a participant register function.

We have the following upcoming tours:

  • Sydney: August 1 – 3 (last days to register)
  • Adelaide: August 21 – 24
  • Auckland: September 26 – October 1 (nearing capacity)
  • Melbourne: Mid October (dates TBC)
  • Sydney: Early November (dates TBC)
  • Brisbane: Late November (dates TBC)

To register for any of the upcoming tours please click Book Online and follow the link. This will take you to a simple form that asks you to register the names and basic details of people that you wish to attend from your learning community.

There are so many benefits of the contemporary learning tours that extend far beyond the school immersions themselves. If you have any questions about tours that go beyond the information that is currently available on the website, please reach out to Andrew Bradtke.

LESNW Education Leader | 0437 818 288


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