With Gratitude and Thanks to God!

As the 2022 year is drawing to a close, I acknowledge and thank the LESNW Regional Office staff team for the amazing contributions individually and collectively made to enable the LESNW community of communities to flourish despite the myriad of challenges that have arisen throughout 2022. As Roger Anderson is retiring at the end of

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Contemporary Learning Tour – Brisbane

Many Lutheran Educational Adventurers dug deeply to contribute, collaborate, learn, and scheme on this tour to enable a contemporary learning transformation in their own learning setting. Some of the many rich comments: “The Brisbane Tour was a wonderful opportunity to engage with schools trying to allow children to reclaim power of their own education. It reflected

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Gender Diversity Staff PD

With the release of the policy and implementation guideline for Respecting and valuing gender diverse, intersex and sexually diverse students in Lutheran Learning Communities, the LESNW regional office committed to sourcing appropriate staff PD and leadership consultancy. We embarked on a three-way collaboration between the regional office, Lucy Hackworth (Upstream Projects and old scholar of

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