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I am grateful and give thanks to God for such an amazing team that we have on the LESNW board. After our board meeting on Monday, I left with a sense of pride and anticipation on what our regional team and learning communities are accomplishing despite being under stressful conditions. I feel honoured to be

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LEA Worship and Devotional Life project

Expressions of interest are being sought to create really good, clear guides on specific Bible stories and themes which would be most helpful, especially for less experienced staff. The project team has developed a template for Bible story guides as well as an exemplar resource, and a list of Bible readings they want guides for.If

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Who do you say I am?

There are some questions in life that require a very personal response. The question that Jesus put to the disciples was one of those. He began by asking them who other people thought he was, but then he drove it home by asking them directly, ‘But what about you? Who do you say I am?’

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LLL Bursaries Make a World of Difference

LLL Australia is committed to bringing the Word of God to life for Lutheran schools across the country. Through School Bursary Grants, LLL aims to assist as many students as possible in gaining a Lutheran education when they might have previously been precluded due to financial hardship. A total of $1 million has been committed

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