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Women in Leadership: Our Stories

June 14th The Archer Hotel

“Growing Community – we are better together” & “Equipping governance and leadership for the emerging future” were the goals that underpinned our 2nd forum, held in North Adelaide last week.

A fully booked event created space to connect, network and share our stories as women in/or aspiring to leadership. Thank you to Evie Stevens for sharing her leadership journey, weaving the complexities of professional life and growth throughout her story.

Women in LESNW schools, if you can attend a forum, sign up soon. Don’t miss sharing stories and growing connections with one another!

Karen Schoff and Sandra Barry

June 16th Oscars McLaren Vale

Our third forum was held in McLaren Vale on Thursday 16/6 where leaders from the South were able to connect with one another, and hear from Ali Thacker about her leadership journey. We were grateful for her vulnerability and authenticity and it was encouraging to see all attendees remain after the session was complete to network and share ideas. We are grateful for the support of the LESNW Board for providing the platform to empower aspiring and current leaders to grow.

We look forward to further opportunity to further nurture Women in Leadership in LESNW. We encourage others to consider opportunities such as the retreat, planned for later in the year.

Penny McKenzie

Leadership Retreat

Building on the last edition of News4Leaders about ways LESNW is networking and collaborating through the Compassionate Systems Collective the Woodleigh Institute facilitated a Compassionate Systems Leadership Retreat which was co-lead by Dr Richard Owens, Jodie Kirchner and Mignon Weckert. It was great to have leaders from LESNW connect with leaders from other schools outside of LESNW engaging in similar ways of seeing and being. Please note other opportunities for teachers and leaders to engage in professional learning through the Compassionate Systems Collective.

Compassionate Systems Workshop for Teachers

August 9th & 10th, 137 Archer Street, North Adelaide

As educators we are continually reflecting on how we can nurture the development of young people who can engage with complexity, embrace diversity, and develop compassionate, collaborative approaches to understanding and tackling real-world challenges.  The Compassionate Systems Framework provides a way to think about and design learning that incorporates awareness and understanding of self, others and the world around us in a way that builds capacity to embrace diversity and act mindfully and compassionately. Thinking about and reflecting on our interconnectedness on a local and global scale, including how we ‘show up’ and how we can respond to the complex issues around the world. During the workshop, we will explore a range of tools and practices that can support teachers to design and create space for learning that has individual and collective wellbeing at the heart while building the foundations for young people to be active and compassionate global citizens. Register here.

Mignon Weckert

Leaders in Lutheran Learning Communities

LILLC Combined Meeting

“Growing Deep draws us into a space as leaders to search for knowledge, share improvement, think strategically and make things happen (p. 29).  We met together as 3 hub groups for the first time in 2022. We were challenged and inspired by colleagues. Thanks to Stuart Traeger who led us through an excellent session on “Respecting and valuing gender diverse, intersex and sexually diverse students in Lutheran Learning Communities Policy and Guidelines”. Mignon shared as the “story from the field” with vulnerability and challenge re leading change at LESNW. The continued reflection and engagement of Growing Deep, Theory U and Compassionate Systems Awareness which has and is bringing about incredible cultural change in some of our Lutheran schools. Have we connected with it? How do we engage with it? The connection and networking of leaders is certainly a highlight of our day together.

Karen Schoff

LILLC Early Years Leaders

The LILLC gathering on June 17 created space for the Early Year’s leaders around South Australia to engage in generative exchange and dialogue linked to our Exceeding themes for early years education.  When we come together to share stories and exchange information around best practices that are embedded in our operations, we can identify that there are many wonderful expressions of meaningful engagement with our families and community.  Bringing our collective wisdom together inspires future strategic planning on the possibilities for quality improvement where each community creates its own symphony for learning.  With 11 Early Year’s leaders in the one room, there was much to celebrate, debate and be inspired by!

Jacqui Gliddon


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