Snapshots of Becoming a Compassionate System

The images below provide evidence of leaders and staff growing capabilities from Growing Deep and becoming Free to Flourish (compassionate, relational, purposeful, adventurous) using compassionate systems tools and practices.  

Highlights include:  

  • Principal of Navigator college, Steve Jude facilitating the second session of the Leadership Lab which includes a Board Chair, principals, senior leaders, teachers from regional, remote, and schools within Adelaide.  
  • Staff from Faith College Junior and Senior campuses continue to grow their understanding and practice of systems awareness 
  • Leaders exploring ways they can create the conditions within their own learning communities to become a compassionate system
  • LESNW leaders join with leaders beyond our organisation as part of the Compassionate Systems Leadership Retreat. Exploring “How might we develop a school culture that is healthy, resilient, and adaptable?”. The focus included an inquiry into the application of compassionate systems tools and practices to the design and development of regenerative school communities.  

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