National Reconciliation Week 2024 | Living Waters Lutheran School

Children's Ground

The Children’s Ground Approach is a 25-year strategy. We focus on prevention, early intervention and empowerment rather than crisis and deficit. We are implementing a system that recognises and privileges First Nations governance, solutions and systems of knowledge. We complement this with western and global practice. 

We address the key economic, social and cultural determinants needed for lasting change. 

We invest in prevention and the future of our children.  

Our children, families, and communities are the experts.  Our voice and talent will create change.

Wear it Yellow
Raise $120 …

Can create educational resources in a child’s first language.

Raise $230 …

Can support nutrition programs to give children a healthy start.

Raise $450 …

Can support a First Nations educator to teach our young ones in their First Language and culture.

Through fundraising and a wear it yellow day, Living Waters Lutheran School raised $307 and a parent made up the gap for us to fund two of the projects, equalling a total of $350. 

Village Students

As part of their learning in Arrerente language and culture, our Village students (1/2 class) learnt a song that Children’s Ground published into a book as their entry into Eisteddford. The entry was filmed and shown at local language workshop and Children’s Ground were proud and pleased to hear the children sing. 


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