LLL’s Strong Partnership with Lutheran Schools Continues

Lutheran schools across the country will have the opportunity to benefit from LLL’s decision to transition to a Religious Charitable Development Fund (RCDF).

The impact of new regulatory changes would substantially reduce LLL’s ability to support of the Church, and this decision was made so that LLL can keep providing financial support to Lutheran congregations, schools, retirement living and aged care facilities – the very communities that are fundamental to our mission.

This transition aims to reinforce the strong partnership LLL enjoys with schools just like Encounter Lutheran College in Victor Harbor, SA.

With the support of a tailored LLL Loan, Encounter undertook a groundbreaking project to build a middle school learning centre on a 69-acre block adjacent to the school that had previously been home to grazing sheep.

The school’s bold vision became a reality earlier this year, with the completion of the multi-purpose building recently named The Wilderness Centre, on the idyllic acreage named Wurar Ruwi (Land of the Red Gum) in consultation with First Nations representatives.

“We have an opportunity to acknowledge God’s Creation, to inspire our students and to be an example to our community to allow this space to become a place surrounded by and amongst wilderness,” principal Kelvin Grivell said.

“In the future our hope is for Wurar Ruwi to be a rich learning environment, a dynamic habitat, a space for play and exploration and a reminder of what is possible when we make our planet a priority.

“Our intention is for the Wilderness Centre to foster creativity, encourage contemporary teaching practices and for us to seek meaningful moments to step outdoors and enrich learning and wellbeing.

“We also hope it will be a place where we can engage with community and invite them into the Encounter Family. The Wilderness Centre and all of Wurar Ruwi is a gift to be shared and a living legacy for all of us to embrace.”

The Wilderness Centre includes four main learning areas – a kitchen, a science lab, an art studio and a digital technology studio.

The design of the building allows seamless movement between indoor learning spaces and the sprawling green fields just outside, with existing plant life augmented by an extensive revegetation program.

Encounter’s visionary Wilderness Centre is just one of the many of the exciting school projects LLL is proud to support.

Please don’t hesitate to contact LLL to discuss your school’s vision for a brighter future or if you have any queries about our transition to an RCDF.

Phone: 1800 556 457, Email: lll@lll.org.au, Website: lll.org.au.

Encounter Lutheran College has unveiled the multi-purpose Wilderness Centre – a groundbreaking facility undertaken with the support of a tailored LLL Loan.


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