LLL’s Big Call to Benefit Lutheran Schools

LLL has made the decision to return to our longstanding Religious Charitable Development Fund (RCDF) status to ensure we can continue to fulfil our purpose of providing finance with a mission. 

Why is this important for Lutheran schools?

In 2022, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) updated its regulatory prudential standard relating to associations and dealings with related entities. The changes imposed stronger requirements for Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) to monitor, limit and control risks arising from transactions and associations with related entities.

The updated requirements are relevant because of LLL’s support of the Lutheran Church. These changes would require LLL to significantly reduce its support of the Lutheran Church, and related entities such as schools, and supporting the Lutheran Church is fundamental to LLL. 

By taking this decision, LLL will be able to continue supporting Lutheran schools, just like Concordia College in South Australia, with a tailored loan solution.

With the support of LLL Loans, Concordia opened three exciting new facilities in 2023.

Concordia proudly unveiled the state-of-the-art, multi-purpose buildings at an opening ceremony attended by the Governor of South Australia at the school’s Highgate Campus in September.

A multi-faceted gymnasium has been named Fortiter, which means ‘firm’ or ‘strong’ in Latin and is taken from the school’s motto Fortiter in Re Suaviter in Modo (Firm in Principle, Gentle in Manner).

“Fortiter is our major ELC to Year 12 gymnasium, which is located in a very convenient spot. It’s right on the edge of the oval next to all our sporting facilities, and it has a terrific vista across the oval and looks up to the hills,” Concordia Head of College Paul Weinert said.

“It’s a significant sporting facility, which gives us real flexibility with our physical education program, plus it is also an excellent function area.”

The facility will allow Concordia to proudly host the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand Convention of General Synod in October 2024.

The other two buildings, Wirrkuta Trruku – a Kaurna term for ‘activity centre’ – and The Treehouse, which houses Year 3 to 6 classrooms and a Resource Centre – have had a profound effect on the St James Campus.

“The Primary School has been transformed completely by those builds,” Paul said.

Concordia’s transformative construction program is just one of the many of the exciting school projects LLL is proud to support.

Please don’t hesitate to contact LLL to discuss your school’s vision for a brighter future – Phone: 1800 556 457, Email: lll@lll.org.au, Website: lll.org.au.


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