Fitness Passport

What is Fitness Passport? 
Fitness Passport is a discounted workplace health and fitness program available to all LESNW staff and their families.  Currently, 348,000+ members across Australia enjoy access to a wide range of gyms, pools and fitness centres as often as they like. Its purpose is to motivate Australians to participate in exercise by removing the barriers of cost and limited choice.  

What does a membership include?
Your Fitness Passport membership is designed exclusively around the gyms and pools you and your colleagues want to use. You select the facilities and once approved, you can visit them all! 

  • Unlimited visits across all fitness facilities in your program – potentially 145+ locations 
  • Individual and Family memberships available 
  • Discounted fortnightly direct debit 
  • Simple hassle-free swipe access on entry 
  • Full facility access can include gyms, group classes and pools 

What now?
Information and surveys will be distributed via email to learning communities in the coming days through the principal. Survey responses are critical to enable the program across our region. Following the survey period, the program will be designed to take in the most popular selected facilities. Membership price will then be confirmed and each LESNW staff member will be invited to review their program and sign up! After that, each staff member will have the freedom to find fitness that works for them. 

If you have any questions regarding Fitness Passport, email our Office and we will be in touch.


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