Final Words For 2021

During 2021 we may have experienced times of joy, amazement, challenge, frustration, disappointment and sadness but throughout we have lived in anticipation of the hope that the celebration of the birth of Jesus brings. So as this year draws to a close the Regional Office staff team wish you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

As this is the last formal communication to the whole LESNW community for 2021, I would like to acknowledge and thank all learning community leaders, staff, and board members for your contributions throughout what has been a very productive year.

To the LESNW Board and Finance Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) thank you for enormous contributions to the governance of our association.  Thank you to Daryl Trigg and Paul Bert, for your leadership as chairs of FRAC and the Board during 2021. I greatly valued your wisdom and support. 

I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding work of the Regional Office staff throughout 2021. With all the uncertainty of COVID-19 their resilience, flexibility and compassion has been very evident. I enormously valued and appreciated the additional load that the Exec Team, Mignon Weckert, Roger Anderson, Steve Sanders, Brad Richmond, supported by Larissa Paynter took on during my two periods of leave this year.

The Regional office will be closed between Tuesday 21 December and Tuesday 11 January. Throughout this time, I will be available as required on my mobile contact.


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