Contemporary Learning Tours 2023

The Contemporary Learning Tours (CLT) were a new initiative for LESNW that began in 2022 and are emerging as a significant means to achieving LESNW’s strategic intentions. The increased engagement by LESNW leaders and educators has been welcomed.

They are provoking learning communities to look out and beyond their own environment to question and challenge how they are a learning community that is thriving, supportive and compassionate.

By being in community with each other throughout the CLT, there have often been reflections on our shared mission. There are times of prayerful reflection and devotion, along with times to enjoy the power of community.

Through the CLT, learning communities are connecting, networking, collaborating and cooperating for mutual enhancement. They have also allowed for significant networking beyond just our region and Lutheran education.

Throughout the CLT, participants hear very clearly from learning community leaders the importance of a clear vision that aligns with the learning community pedagogical approach. Through this lens and deliberate reflection practices, participants reflect on their own learning community’s current reality and preferred future learning.

The CLT continuously focus and ask participants to reflect on what is the emerging future of education and experience first-hand examples of how learning communities are embracing the emerging future.

The following is a small snapshot of reflections from CLT participants:

“The tour was an absolutely amazing opportunity to engage in professional learning, become inspired and think critically about the ways we can work towards a better future in education.”

“It was inspirational witnessing other LCs or educational settings thinking outside the boundaries of traditional education.”

“The Contemporary Learning Tour has been inspiring and challenging in equal measures. We were continually immersed in rich dialogue surrounding the contemporary education practices that we observed (and in some cases directly experienced) and stretched to broaden our horizons by planning our “next steps” post tour.”

“My thinking was disrupted in the best way possible. Praying that great change will emerge from the discomfort.”

Future CLT’s are listed below. Keep an eye on the contemporary learning tour website for more information and registration.

Tour Location

Dates from

Dates to

Sydney (full)

8 May

10 May

Brisbane (nearly full)

29 May

31 May

New Zealand

18 June

24 June


2 August

4 August


14 August

16 August


3 September

9 September


23 October

25 October


15 November

17 November

If you have any questions about tours that go beyond the information that is currently available on the website then, please reach out to me through the contact details below.

Andrew Bradtke | 0437 818 288


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