Communication and Engagement Partnership

In response to ongoing feedback and recognition of the strategic importance, the regional office has been working towards a way for LESNW to implement system-level marketing and communication strategies to establish the Lutheran Education brand and provide access to marketing specialists for local needs. 

The objective has been to align with a partner who can, with the support of the LESNW Regional Office, co-create and implement a marketing and communications strategy for the region which addresses: 

Three distinct areas: 

  1. System – to ensure Lutheran education is recognised and trusted and thus considered by most parents seeking education for their child(ren) within the SA, NT & WA region. 
  2. Learning Communities – to provide access to a trusted and respected marketing and communications service that can assist with localised marketing and communication needs. 
  3. Regional Office – to deliver a consistent identity, effective communications, and the ability to monitor and manage performance outcomes. 

And two key challenges: 

  1. Ensuring that ‘our story’ is coherent, effective and ‘heard’. 
  2. Attracting, maintaining and growing enrolments and quality staff. 

After due investigation and consideration, a detailed tender brief was provided to three companies. The assessment of the tenders, including face to face meetings and presentations, and final partner alignment occurred during May. 

I am pleased to announce that we have selected ImageSeven as our partner to develop and assist in implementing and ongoingly outwork this strategy.  

The marketing and communications activities required across the three areas include consideration of the following areas: 

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Market Research 
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Brand Management
  • Content Creation 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Market Communications 
  • Internal Communications 
  • Analytics and Measurement 

We are currently reviewing the project scope with ImageSeven and have begun onboarding.  

One of the next critical steps, which will occur in the near future, will be to seek your input to ensure the marketing and communications strategy meets and responds to your needs. 

Craig Fielke
Executive Director


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