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On 28 August, fourteen wellbeing leaders from eleven primary and secondary schools met at Calvary Lutheran Primary School for the inaugural LESNW Wellbeing Hub Workshop. This initiative came as a response to requests from schools for such a network in order to learn best practice from each other and from external experts.  

We began with the usual devotion, centering and journalling about our purpose. Michelle Holmes and Paul Kaesler then led us through Calvary’s journey with the Berry Street Education Model, a whole school approach to trauma informed education. They structure the presentation around the Berry Street Model, which meant that participants got to experience the Model as well as learn about it’s philosophy, principles and practices. Paul and Michelle also shared some of the challenges they encountered along the way and how they have reflected and learnt from those experiences.  

Following morning tea we toured classes in action and we all commented on the consistent language and practices by the teachers, classroom design and visuals on the walls. Of particular interest was the way the teachers were able to acknowledge our presence in the classroom, which was initially distracting for the students, but then quickly and effectively draw their students’ attention back to what they were previously engaged in.

The group then spent time reflecting on the future of the Wellbeing Hub, i.e. the needs of schools, and what the Hub might look like and function like into the future. There was an overwhelming desire for a Wellbeing Hub Workshop to occur each term, with schools hosting and sharing their journey with a particular approach to wellbeing. A planning team was nominated to ensure this comes to fruition.

One of the difficulties in promoting future workshops is that we don’t have a full list of wellbeing leaders across our region. Hence, if you wish to be included in future communications, please email stuart.traeger@lesnw.edu.au.

Stuart Traeger
Spiritual & Cultural Leader


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