LLL continues to support the Church with REG

LLL is transitioning to a Religious Charitable Development Fund (RCDF) to ensure that we can continue to fulfil our purpose of supporting the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), providing finance with a mission to the Church and its community as we’ve done for over 100 years.  

By transitioning to an RCDF, we can continue providing financial support to Lutheran congregations, schools, camping ministries, and retirement living/aged care facilities – the very communities that are fundamental to our mission. 

It’s a significant transition for us, but our commitment to our valued depositors and the facilitation of Regular Electronic Giving (REG) remains unchanged. 

REG has been the backbone of supporting the mission of local congregational giving for over 25 years. It is a flexible and free method for depositors to safely and anonymously give to their congregations during periods of absence or in place of cash on the giving plate.  

Through REG, over a thousand individuals and families provide thousands of dollars in offerings to hundreds of congregations annually. 

This service will continue to be facilitated using the LLL direct debit system. 

As our customers transition their accounts, they may be required or choose to update or change their REG to be debited from an external bank or credit union account – not their LLL account as has previously been the case. 

LLL Operations Officer Terri Traeger explains how easy it is for our customers to continue to give to their local congregation through REG: 

“Customers who operate an LLL Notice of Withdrawal Facility will simply need to fill in a new Direct Debit Request Form to have it taken from their non-LLL bank account instead,” Terri said.  

“They would tick the box which says, ‘Is this to change an existing direct debit?’, then fill in the rest of the form, including how much is given and how often, then return the form to LLL, and we’ll do the rest. 

“We’ll set it up, and your REG will continue to provide vital funds.  

“It is very important that LLL continues to support REG as churches rely on it for their business and missional priorities. 

“Personally, I have REG set up, I always feel pleased that even though I might be away on holiday, I know that the Church will still have my support. REG makes that possible.” 

To switch over or set up new REG, Direct Debit Request Forms are available from www.lll.org.au/reg or from our North Adelaide, SA, office. 

Read about the uplifting projects that LLL supports through Loans, Sponsorships and Mission Outreach Grants thanks to our missional partnership with our depositors in Together in Mission – www.lll.org.au/tim – or via our social media channels –Facebook: www.facebook.com/LLLAust and Instagram: @lll_australia 


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