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Below is some information from EC Premium which shares an update of what is now available on the platform, including their content catalogue, so that you can get a sense of what is on offer.  







The regional offices have developed a Lutheran Learning Hub and are able to tailor PL and push it to your enrolled staff. This hub allows you to choose a number of staff to receive a subscription, you might choose your executive team, department leaders, year level coordinators etc.  The alternative is that you engage your whole staff. This action means that you also get a school level hub and your learning leader can push out or develop content for your entire staff or teams such as PLC’s. 

Trinity Lutheran College in Mildura is one of the schools in the LEVNT region who has decided to purchase a subscription for all staff. In a recent meeting, the EC Premium team shared that Eloise’s school has the highest usage of any school in Australia. Eloise has shared how they have been using it with their staff below. 

 Eloise shares:  
EC by Go 1 has been a game changer for our staff at Trinity Lutheran College Mildura! 

We have invested in providing the platform for all staff at the college as the content is powerful, relevant and highly engaging. From pedagogy to compliance, short clips to interactive courses, EC by Go 1 brings professional learning to us!  

We use the platform for individual learning, for whole staff learning and workshops, and have staff identify and align options on the platform with their individual professional growth goals. 

Accessing face to face professional learning for all staff can be a huge issue in relation to cost, and for us, who are geographically far from a capital city, time and travel costs can also be prohibitive. EC by Go 1 allows us to offer professional learning to all staff, any time and on an endless range of content. 

To make registering as simple as possible we have developed a form which will ask you: 

  1. Name of learning community 
  2. No. of subscriptions 
  3. Name of contact person 
  4. Email of contact person 

You can access the survey here. 

LEVNT are supporting us with this initiative. Your school will be invoiced for the number of subscriptions ordered by LEVNT. 

If you need any further information, please reach out so that we can have a conversation.  

Andrew Bradtke 
LESNW Education Leader


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