California Contemporary Learning Tour: A Journey of Innovation and Inspiration

California Contemporary Learning Tour: A Journey of Innovation and Inspiration
We are thrilled to share the remarkable highlights from our recent California Contemporary Learning Tour, which took place just a couple of weeks ago. This journey was a captivating exploration of innovation, transformation, and the profound impact of education.

Delancey Street – “Each One, Teach One”
Our tour embarked on a powerful note with a visit to Delancey Street, a socially conscious organization celebrated for its life-changing learning experiences. As we traversed their facility and engaged in heartfelt discussions, the profound impact of Delancey Street’s approach became abundantly clear. Their mantra, “Each one, teach one,” resounded, emphasizing the pivotal role education plays in transforming lives.

Exploratorium in San Francisco – Igniting Curiosity
Our voyage continued with an enlightening visit to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, an interactive haven of discovery. The innovative exhibits and approaches at the Exploratorium sparked our curiosity, offering valuable insights and fostering engaging discussions among our tour members.

Stanford University and Montevista Christian School – Transforming Education
Next on our itinerary was Stanford University, where we delved into the world of design thinking in education through the School. Our understanding of educational transformation deepened as we witnessed the incredible impact of contemporary education during our visit to Montevista Christian School.

Design Tech High – Cultivating Future Changemakers
Our next stop brought us to Design Tech High, a beacon of innovation and inspiration. Their mission is to develop individuals who believe in the possibility of making the world a better place and are committed to being a part of that change. At Design Tech High, students discover how they learn best and are empowered to tackle authentic challenges. They actively participate in shaping the campus, founding over 40 clubs and sports teams, and demonstrating remarkable initiative in creating positive change. They also serve as mentors to their younger peers and share personal stories of challenge and triumph at community meetings.

High Tech High San Diego and Chula Vista – Inspiring Transformation
Our journey reached its zenith with visits to High Tech High San Diego and Chula Vista, renowned institutions wholeheartedly committed to reshaping education. We were profoundly inspired by their dedication to cultivating a unique culture, nurturing student agency, fostering deep, authentic project-based learning, and encouraging rich collaboration. It was a fitting culmination to an extraordinary journey.

Some quotes from Lutheran Education Leaders about the recent California Contemporary Learning Tour.

  • A great group committed to transforming education together!
  • The California Learning Tour opened my eyes to the true possibilities of PBL and design thinking. By empowering learners (staff and students), which includes helping them to not only realise but relentlessly pursue these possibilities, I’m confident that Lutheran schools can be at the forefront of contemporary learning in Australia.
  • I believe that the learning tours are directly responsible for the contemporary transformation seen in our schools.
  • The California Learning Tour has not only opened my eyes to a myriad of take-home possibilities, but has reinforced the need to celebrate the many things we are
  • already doing well in our quest for a contemporary model of learning. I can see myself taking risks and seizing opportunities for creative noncompliance to improve the holistic education of our young people so they are empowered to contribute meaningfully to their world.
  • A wonderful experience! A great place to see passionate authentic learning where students had the opportunity to explore interests and a variety of pathways that shaped their learning.
  • Sharing and connecting with like minded leaders has been extremely helpful, as you wrestle with changing your ideas. I was definitely inspired by students and their excitement for project learning and how projects about real world problems, or personal issues create excitement in learning.
  • This Learning Tour was an enriching, enlightening and inspirational tour that reignited my drive to lead the way in contemporary education that empowers all learners (young and not so young) to smash the traditional constructs and do what works! Each day had so many key takeaways and I have learnt so much from all the schools/organisations and the wonderful group of colleagues we were blessed to tour with.
  • An opportunity to step out of my community to think clearly and have my head in “mostly” one game. You get what you put into it. Don’t expect to go home with all the answers, rather questions, connections and provocations. Thanks for the amazing gift of the time to learn.
  • Engaging, insightful, challenging, and encouraging, all rolled into one! The time of transformation has been here for a long time now, we have no choice but to change the way we do school to ensure we are guiding our learners to be the best empathic, compassionate, collaborative humans they can be!


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